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"completely addictive"

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"hooked from the first paragraph"

A lost child.

An empty flat.

One haunting lie.

When a young mother dies, social worker Elodie knows she isn’t the only one to blame. Elodie is used to breaking the rules and she can tell that someone else is covering their tracks too. 

As her safe space becomes the most dangerous place she can be, will Elodie risk telling the truth to fix the past?

A propulsive smoke and mirrors journey, packed with voyeurism, nuance and tension that tightens its grip with every chapter, All The Places Where They Hide Us is set in the covert world of a family social work contact centre. Impulsive social worker Elodie supervises parents too dangerous to spend time alone with their children and her unreliable narration propels us through the plot.

Illusions, false memories, twists and lies are at the heart of this multi-layered story that examines the repressed aspects of our characters’ lives.

Written for the boundary breakers and pocket riflers, the betrayed and the betrayers, anxious attachers and silent screamers - this novel is your inner child's new favourite bedtime story

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all the places where they hide us

My mum used to turn down the corners of the pages of the books that punctured her heart and soul. I seem to have inherited that trait and this book is now twice as thick as when I started reading it. Both horrifically and heroically, acutely, observational of humans. In all their wonder.


Amazon Verified Review

This is a propulsive and compelling read, with short chapters full of incident and an ironically unreliable narrator revealing more than she intends. There are several shocking twists before the climax. Thoroughly enjoyable. 

Christopher M

GoodReads reviewer

From the first chapter I was immersed in the world of Elodie. An easy, intelligent and addictive read - I didn't want it to finish. Beautifully written with unpredictable twists.


Amazon Verified Review

This had me hooked right from chapter 1. There is an amazing pace to the storyline and Andersson keeps you guessing with unexpected twists along the way. It was hard to put down (great short chapters) and I didn’t guess the twist - loved it.


Amazon Verified Review

Beautifully-written, compelling and thought-provoking - hard to put down.


GoodReads reviewer

Read this in two sessions, completely addictive and brilliantly written, funny and sad and clever and unlike most other "suspense" books I did not guess the twist either. Have highlighted all the bits I want to remember which is every chapter!


Amazon Verified Review

About the author


Emmy Andersson worked as a social researcher, blogger and children's book publisher before retraining with an MA in social work. 

Her writing examines the subconscious realism and psychological narratives of the human experience, including our pleasure, grief, eroticism, attachment and memory.  

This is her first novel. 

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